Monday, September 6, 2010

Make it Yourself Monday- Pizza

We make pizza around here A LOT, and it's one of the ways we save a bunch of money. Since we make it several times a week, I've experimented with many different crust and sauce recipes. This week we tried a new crust, Tammy's Matzah Pizza Crust. I didn't change anything besides mixing whole wheat flour in for part of the flour. I'm a total thin crust girl, and I loved it.

Just mix up and knead the dough (I used my hands, although next time I'll use the bread machine) and roll it out flat. I used a plate to cut it into individual pizzas.


The picture doesn't show it, but you need to prick the dough with a fork. Then pre bake for 7 minutes on 375.


Add sauce (maybe I'll post my homemade pizza sauce for next weeks MIYM- could I possibly post two weeks in a ROW?!), cheese and toppings. Although I'll be totally honest- the sauce on this pizza was from a leftover jar of spaghetti sauce that needed to be used up.


Bake until the edges get golden brown. I ended up needing to broil for just a minute to fully cook the onions.

I have no picture of the finished pizzas, but the boys in my house seemed to approve.

DSC07376 DSC07383

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